@mirzaba double edged sword can go either way. I dont think ive ever heard these terms before haha

Appreciate meaning I can sense it with all of my senses. Not just being thankful. This is what i mean by words not having the same meaning

@mirzaba i dont see how you can possibly be mean to yourself with this understanding. We are just trying to elevate ourselves. As we are doing now :) thank you again I appreciate it

@mirzaba science to me is the level to which we are allowing our selves to see ourselves before we are scared.

So it changes depending on where i am and who i am with

@mirzaba my reality doesnt have individuals. We are all dependent meaning we are essentially one.

I dont know who i am if im alone, i need to reflect off of myself. or a mirror of myself or what we perceive as individuals i guess

@mirzaba words dont all carry the same meaning for us though. So i think we should define what we mean first.
What do you mean by science? The observation of our natural world

@mirzaba as soon as you believe there is a scale or limit there becomes one. Just like if there is a best there has to be the worst.

@mirzaba we are not limited. We are boundless... bounded only by our perception of what is possible

@mirzaba hahaha your a great trip thank you for this btw.

I was just asking for your understanding of what functional is. Science is just us interpreting the information that is presented to us. It changes with the scenario.

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@toot I mean, I have a hunch that I'm processing information. It's just as likely that my experience is a string of pre-ordained information just setting course. It's interesting to speculate.

@mirzaba predetermined and created by you, or what ever "you" are. the combination of all previous experiences

@mirzaba hahaha what a wonderful ride it is isnt it?

its only functional or not functional to you... the eye of the beholder...

@mirzaba seems that you know that you are just processing information.

@mirzaba it makes the greatest difference. This is why the saying i think there for i am is true. You think there for you are where you are.

Maybe we need to define functional first? What is functional, for what and why?

@mirzaba are you sure... ?

Who taught you what a planet is... Do they really know...

Where are you really and what are you?

@maecah no not ignore it. build a better present. Are you stuck in these frequencies? Or are you just seeing radiation of these frequencies pour into your reality? (tv, radio, internet, media, conversations) but not physical reality just in the potential reality

New frontiers and new beginnings. Today is not yesterday, you are not your past, or what has passed.

You are the future and potential of tomorrow.

your not your

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